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PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) is a high-performance thermoplastic polymer widely used in various industries, including the UK space industry, for its exceptional mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. PEEK is available in different forms, including PEEK plates and PEEK sheets, which are used in the manufacturing of components for satellite manufacture and other space-related applications. In the UK, these PEEK components come in various sizes to cater to the specific needs of the space industry.

PEEK plates and sheets are flat, rigid panels made from extruded PEEK material. They are manufactured by a process called extrusion, where molten PEEK is forced through a die to form a continuous sheet or plate of the desired thickness. PEEK plates are typically thicker than PEEK sheets and have dimensions suitable for structural applications. PEEK sheets, on the other hand, are thinner and often used for applications that require flexibility or as protective layers.

The availability of different sizes of PEEK plates and sheets in the UK is crucial for the space industry, where precision and specific requirements are of utmost importance. PEEK plates are available in various thicknesses, ranging from a few millimeters to several centimeters, while PEEK sheets are available in thinner gauges. These different sizes allow for the customization and production of components that meet the stringent demands of satellite manufacture and other space applications.

In the UK space industry, PEEK plates and sheets find numerous uses due to their exceptional properties. PEEK is lightweight, offering a high strength-to-weight ratio, which is crucial for space applications where weight reduction is essential. PEEK also exhibits excellent resistance to harsh environments, including extreme temperatures, radiation, and vacuum conditions, making it suitable for the demanding conditions encountered in space.

PEEK plates and sheets are used in satellite manufacture for various applications. They are employed in structural components such as brackets, supports, and panels, where their high strength and rigidity are vital for maintaining the structural integrity of the satellite. PEEK's dimensional stability and resistance to creep ensure that these components maintain their shape and performance over extended periods in space.

Additionally, PEEK plates and sheets are used as electrical insulation components in satellite systems. PEEK's excellent electrical insulation properties make it an ideal material for insulating and protecting electrical circuits and components from electrical interference and high voltages. Its ability to withstand high temperatures also contributes to its use as an electrical insulation material in satellite applications.

The availability of different sizes of PEEK plates and sheets in the UK allows for the fabrication of complex and customized components for satellite manufacture. These components can be precisely machined, cut, or formed from PEEK plates and sheets to meet the specific requirements of the space industry. Furthermore, PEEK's machinability allows for the creation of intricate designs and features in these components, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

The use of PEEK plates and sheets in the UK space industry offers several advantages. PEEK's high strength, rigidity, and resistance to wear and chemicals make it a reliable choice for space applications. Its lightweight nature contributes to weight reduction, which is crucial for achieving efficient launch and orbit maneuvers. PEEK's thermal stability and dimensional accuracy ensure the long-term performance and reliability of satellite components in the harsh space environment.

PEEK plates and sheets play a vital role in the UK space industry, particularly in satellite manufacture. Their availability in different sizes allows for the production of customized components that meet the specific requirements of space applications. PEEK's exceptional properties, including high strength, lightweight nature, and resistance to harsh environments, make it an ideal material for structural and electrical insulation components in satellites. With PEEK plates and sheets, the UK space industry can achieve reliable and high-performance satellite systems that can withstand the challenges of space exploration.

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What are PEEK Sheets/Plates?

PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) sheets or plates are flat, solid forms of PEEK material that are available in various dimensions and thicknesses. PEEK sheets and plates are commonly used in a range of industries due to their exceptional properties. There are multiple grades of PEEK material, the two most common are PEEK 450G and GF30.

  • PEEK GF30

    PEEK GF30 refers to a grade of PEEK material that is reinforced with 30% glass fiber.

    PEEK GF30 sheets or plates have the same base PEEK polymer as PEEK 450G but with the added enhancement of glass fiber reinforcement. The glass fibers enhance the mechanical properties of PEEK, providing increased strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability.

    PEEK GF30 sheets retain the other desirable properties of PEEK, such as high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and low friction coefficient.

    These sheets are commonly used in applications where improved mechanical performance, wear resistance, and strength are required, such as automotive components, aerospace parts, electrical connectors, and industrial applications.


  • PEEK 450G

    PEEK 450G refers to a specific grade of PEEK material. The "450G" designation signifies a standard, unfilled grade of PEEK manufactured by Victrex. PEEK 450G sheets or plates are composed solely of PEEK polymer without any reinforcement materials like glass fibers or carbon fibers. These sheets offer the inherent properties of PEEK, including high temperature resistance, excellent mechanical strength, chemical resistance, low friction coefficient, and dimensional stability.

    PEEK 450G sheets are typically available in various thicknesses and sizes to suit different application requirements.

    They find applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, and more, where the outstanding properties of PEEK are beneficial.

  • PEEK 450G & GF30 Comparison

    Both PEEK 450G sheets and PEEK GF30 sheets offer distinct advantages depending on the specific requirements of the application. It's important to consider factors such as mechanical properties, temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and other application-specific needs when choosing between the two options.

Victrex PEEK 450G Data Sheet

Our PEEK 450G Sheets are manufactured exclusively from Victrex PEEK 450G. Click on the link below to see our material data sheet.

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PEEK GF30 Data Sheet

Our PEEK GF30 Sheets are manufactured from 30% glass fibre reinforced PEEK. Click on the link below to see our material data sheet.

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