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PA66 Glass Fibre Kyoujin Fasteners

Introducing Kyoujin, the ultimate high tensile strength polymer fasteners. Specially developed with a material make up of 60% Glass Fibre Reinforced PA66 Kyoujin provides a direct replacement for metallic fasteners while exhibiting polymer characteristics such as chemical and corrosion resistance, low coefficient of friction and thermal expansion.

What are Glass Fibre Reinforced PA66 (Kyoujin) Fasteners?

60% glass fibre reinforced polyamide 66 (PA66) is a type of plastic that has been reinforced with glass fibres. This reinforcement can improve the strength, stiffness, and durability of the material. Fasteners made of 60% glass fibre reinforced PA66 are likely to be stronger and more durable than those made of unreinforced PA66 or other types of plastic. They may also have improved resistance to temperature, chemical, and other types of stress.

PA66 is a type of polyamide, which is a polymer that is formed by the polymerization of a diamine and a dicarboxylic acid. PA66 is known for its high strength, stiffness, and toughness, as well as its good fatigue resistance and low creep. It is commonly used in automotive, electrical, and electronic applications, as well as in the aerospace and defence industries.

The use of glass fibres as reinforcement can further improve the properties of PA66. Glass fibres are strong and stiff, and they can help to increase the overall strength and stiffness of the material. They also have good resistance to temperature, chemicals, and other types of stress. The addition of glass fibres to PA66 can result in a material that is stronger, stiffer, and more durable than unreinforced PA66.

Fasteners made of 60% glass fibre reinforced PA66 are likely to be used in applications where strength and durability are important. They may be used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and defence.

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