What is Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) and how can it benefit you?

Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) is a high specification polymer that is used in a variety of applications and various industries:

Key PEEK properties include:

·     Chemical Resistance ·     True Non-magnetic properties
·     Abrasion Resistance ·     Exceptional machining properties
·     High Temperature (up to 260 Degrees C) ·     Hydrolysis resistance
·     Low outgassing in vacuum systems ·     FDA/FSA approved
·     High Dielectric properties ·     Flame Resistant
·     Corrosion proof ·     Excellent creep and fatigue resistance
·     Low thermal conductivity ·     High resistance to gamma and electron beam radiation.


How can PEEK benefit you?

PEEK is a highly dynamic thermoplastic polymer which allows it to be injection moulded, machined and extruded – this results in PEEK being available for a wide range of applications from extrusion printing custom parts to injection moulding high specification fasteners.

Generic metal fastenings can cause issues with high specification assemblies – this may be due to weight implications, high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity or corrosion. PEEK is a high-performance polymer that is commonly used as a form of metal replacement, especially in screws and fastenings. The issues found in metal fastenings can be eradicated completely, which allows you to concentrate on getting your product to the customer or running your manufacturing facility without the worry of a loss in quality or performance.

Direct application examples:

PEEK is utilised in a wide range of industries where reliability and sustainability are paramount:


Injection moulded PEEK screws and fastenings are used in mounting high specification motorsport electronics including RF systems. This is due to the impressive dielectric properties and fatigue resistance that is experienced in high vibration environments – this ensures that the electronic equipment is secure with a reduced risk of damaging sensitive components.

PEEK is also used within fuel and oil systems due to its high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance. This allows for incredibly light weight components without the risk of failure.

High Vacuum systems

PEEK is commonly found in high vacuum systems due to its machinability and low outgassing properties; this makes it perfect when assembling ultra-high vacuum systems as it ensures the technician can focus on leak testing equipment as opposed to multiple rounds of pumping and baking while managing constant outgassing.


One of the main advantages of PEEK material and high performance polymers is the ability to replace metallic components with a light weight alternative. This couldn’t be more essential within the aerospace sector as this allows for more efficient aircraft that are not compromised on strength and have higher fatigue resistance resulting in longer service intervals.

Life science

Life science applications can vary significantly; however, they consist of extreme applications such as cryogenic temperatures, harsh chemicals or extreme humidity. PEEK components are often first choice as they provide high resistance to most widely used chemicals, have a very low rate of hydrolysis, have high wear and abrasion resistance and can function effectively in temperatures nearing absolute zero.


Choose High Performance Polymer to supply your PEEK fastenings

PEEK fastenings help to solve issues and improve product performance and quality. This is why at High Performance Polymer we take quality very seriously. We are proud to supply PEEK fastenings to different industries and exceed expectation in both the quality of our products and the quality of our service. If you require PEEK fasteners, we stock a range of standardised metric fasteners on our website… Still can’t find what you’re looking for, then contact us directly as we have access to a huge range of fasteners in a variety of performance polymer materials and sizes.


General Properties of PEEK Fasteners:

Water absorption rate (23°C x 24 HRS) 0.5%
Tensile Strength (MPA) 97
Tensile Elongation 65%
Bending Strength (MPA) 156
Continuous use temperature 180°C

Recommended Torque for PEEK screws:

Metric Size








Torque (N*M)








*Properties change depending on temperature and environment, these properties are a guide and real-world testing should be conducted before final application