Top 20 uses for a PEEK Screw - High Performance Polymer-Plastic Fastener Components

Top 20 uses for a PEEK Screw

PEEK (polyetheretherketone) is a high performance polymer that is known for its exceptional mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and temperature resistance. Here are the top 20 applications for a PEEK screw:

  1. Surgical implants and instruments
  2. Aerospace components
  3. Oil and gas industry components
  4. Automotive parts and components
  5. Medical devices and equipment
  6. Chemical processing equipment
  7. Industrial piping and tubing
  8. Food processing and packaging equipment
  9. Bearings and bushings
  10. Seals and gaskets
  11. Electrical insulation materials
  12. Robotics and automation systems
  13. High-performance sporting goods
  14. Racing and high-performance vehicle parts
  15. Marine and shipbuilding applications
  16. Structural materials for bridges and buildings
  17. Telecommunications infrastructure
  18. Water treatment and filtration systems
  19. Pump and valve components
  20. Wear-resistant pipework