The many uses of Polycarbonate Screws and fastenings - High Performance Polymer-Plastic Fastener Components

The many uses of Polycarbonate Screws and fastenings

What is Polycarbonate and PC Screws?

Polycarbonate or abbreviated PC belong to carbonate groups that contain polymers within their chemical structures.

What does this mean?  Well it makes it a very tough and strong plastic which can be moulded and thermally formed providing a high impact resistance.

PC's are perfect for screwing in to other polycarbonate materials.

PoC acts as an electrical insulator and is heat-resistant and flame-resistant. This makes Polycarbonate ideal for electrical fixings.

Injection-moulded Polycarbonate is lightweight and presents a smooth surface and therefore ideal for use in cars.

It's always preferable to use PC screws in ready-made holes. By using ready-made holes, it will avoid any issues around the screw from thermal expansion.